• Together we are stronger. Your solidarity helps us achieve more for ALL faculty
  • UF enjoys broad support among faculty. In our Fall 2018 recertification vote, 547 faculty voted yes to support UF and only 17 voted no. Be ready for our next recertification vote in fall 2020!
  • UF collaborates effectively with other faculty leaders and administration to solve problems, create fair policies, and to protect your rights and fair working conditions
  • As UNI confronts falling enrollments and budget challenges, as a new faculty evaluation system is rolled out, and as our general education curriculum is revised, the potential for serious threats to faculty abounds. We need a strong union to stand up for faculty, and we need you with us.
  • More than 80% of our dues go to our membership in American Association of University Professors (AAUP) or our legal counsel. Both of these have been powerful assets and critical allies.


  • Bargained one of the largest salary increases in last twenty years.
  • Led the development of fair and equitable faculty evaluation system
  • Helped establish new promotional ladder for adjunct and term faculty.
  • Supported expansion of voting rights to include term faculty and eligible adjunct faculty.


  • Child care
  • Termination procedures and tenure protections
  • Expansion of benefits

What’s UF? United Faculty, established in 1976, is the sole negotiating agent for the University of Northern Iowa’s eligible faculty members, and it is affiliated with the AAUP.

UNITED FACULTY represents the faculty at the University of Northern Iowa as a collective bargaining unit in their employment relations with the Board of Regents.
UNITED FACULTY works for the improvement of university conditions and the professional, economic, and civic status of our members.
UNITED FACULTY works for the welfare of university students, the advancement of education, and the improvement of instructional opportunities for all.