Academic Title Survey

More than 300 UNI faculty responded to our survey in October 2023 to see what they thought of proposed academic titles. The Faculty Handbook Committee is considering a proposal to change the academic titles and promotional titles for Term (1-4 years) and Renewable Term faculty, and perhaps adjunct/temporary faculty. Some departments and colleges of the university have noted that it would be easier to recruit and retain term and renewable term faculty with non-tenure track titles that use the term “professor.” (This is in line with the kind of academic titles offered at University of Iowa and Iowa State.) It turns out there was broad support for titles like “Assistant Clinical Professor,” “Assistant Professor of Practice,” and “Assistant Professor of Instruction” for faculty on renewable term, term, and adjunct appointments. But, there were also concerns that such “professor” titles might mask a continuing reduction in the levels of tenure-track faculty at UNI (currently at about 65%). See initial results here.