Faculty Pay Equity Victory!

United Faculty and the UNI administration recently announced the successful outcome from our collaborative effort to resolve dozens of significant faculty pay equity issues.

United Faculty is very pleased with the collaboration that led to this major achievement. Of course, joint efforts of this type are never without friction and disagreement. But throughout the process your union never failed to be a strong advocate for fairness and justice. This is why I firmly believe that without a union, this settlement could never happened. In addition, the American Association of University Professors’ publication Paychecks provided a critical framework for the complex analysis that led to our agreement.

The joint committee did a lot of hard work. So when you have the opportunity, please be sure to give special thanks to Nancy Cobb, Carissa Foryum, and Adam Butler (though he is a department head, Adam was a appointed to the committee by UF). Special thanks to Chris Martin, Sarah Eastman and AAUP’s Laura Markwardt for their valuable assistance on press relations. Special thanks United Faculty’s attorney Nate Willems who guided us through the legal complexities.

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One of the nice parts of this victory is the outreach we have received from a campus where similar pay equity problems exist. We have already established communications with the AAUP representaives on that campus. To be quite frank, I am not optimistic about their chances for success. Why? Because they do not have a union.

Our union gives UNI faculty and our families real power over our conditions of employment. But we are not as strong as we could be. Plus, older members of our union are retiring in significant numbers. If you have not yet joined the union please join today! A union membership form is attached. If you are already a member then please ask a colleague who has not yet joined to become a member.


Joe Gorton
President, United Faculty

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