Dear Colleagues:

As many of you know, a member of the Iowa Senate has submitted a bill to eliminate tenure in Iowa’s public universities. This is part of a nationwide extremist agenda that threatens to destroy the very foundations of the American academe. It is an agenda I have warned about in three speeches to our annual all faculty meetings and in my recent “A Gathering Storm” email.

United Faculty and the national AAUP will fight hard against any effort to kill tenure. Please see my comments on this issue in following news articles.

Des Moines Register:


Inside Higher Education:


Here is the good news: The Board of Regents has stated their opposition to the elimination of tenure. In fact, Board President Rastetter issued a statement on behalf of the board’s position.

Here is the bad news: This is only the beginning. We are especially concerned about proposals to eliminate or degrade significantly our collective bargaining rights. The intent of that legislation will be to reduce faculty wages, cut benefits and weaken job security.

I will send separate emails about the forthcoming attack on our collective bargaining rights. Please know there has never been more important to be a member of United Faculty. If you have not joined the please do so immediately. If you are already a member then ask others to join. To become a member go to our website: https://ufaculty.uni.edu/.

There will soon be a time when United faculty reaches out for you and others to mobilize on behalf of protecting your right to a fair contract and proper conditions of employment. Be ready and remember, faculty working conditions are student learning conditions.


Joe Gorton
President, United Faculty

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