Dear Colleagues:

I am very pleased to report that UNI’s Northern Iowa Student Government (NISG) has issued a formal statement against changes to Iowa laws related to collective bargaining for public employees.

The statement (below) from NISG President Hunter Flesch and NISG Chief Justice Maggie Miller asserts:

“Recently, there have been discussions about potential changes to Chapter 20 in the Iowa Code that would have a severe impact on the collective bargaining agreement. This agreement has been in place for the past 42 years and has helped sustain a strong faculty-administration relationship. Changes to this agreement would not only deteriorate this strong relationship, but would also diminish our faculty’s working conditions, contractual negotiations, and overall protections.

UNI has always prided itself on its extremely dedicated and passionate faculty, faculty who, in addition to their research and development of their pedagogical craft, always put their student’s interests first. Without Chapter 20 effectively in place, not only will our faculty suffer, but it would also have a crippling effect on the education provided to the 12,000 students here at UNI.

Students come to UNI to gain a personalized learning experience from distinguished professors. It’s not uncommon for professors at UNI to work directly with students on various projects, providing them with unique opportunities that elevate their entire academic experience. Outside of the classroom, faculty go above and beyond by serving as advisors and mentors to students, guiding them through the personal and professional challenges they face in their college career.

As student representatives, we would like to express our unconditional support for our faculty just as they support us every single day. We hope that state representatives hear our genuine concerns and we trust they will continue to ensure the wellbeing of this university and all its members.”

Hunter Flesch
Student Body President

Maggie Miller
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

On behalf of United Faculty, I want to express our deepest appreciation for this unprecedented show of support by NISG. I trust this will be the beginning of an unbreakable alliance between UNI students and faculty.